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New Building Construction 2014

For several years, we had been looking for ways to increase the space available for the children of the center so that they could study in better conditions. With the new establishment of new Building, the children have now enough space for study, dining and good sleep.

What we had before the project began was:

  • 50 children from 6 to 18 years old sharing four bedrooms
  • A dining room that was used for all the activities: study hall, playroom, rest room…
  • A kitchen that was too small and not well-suited for our needs
  • Nowhere to store food and clothes.

We have worked on this project since 2011 so that the children could pursue their studies under the best circumstances. The building is now finished thanks to the financial support from Swiss and French donors.


Work started on 1 January 2013 and was completed 14 months later. The two-storey building has a terrace and a total ground surface area of 629 m2. The outside of the building is in the style of traditional Newari constructions.

Project Start Date: 14th Feb 2014
Completed Date: 28th Feb 2016