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“Children of Sagarmatha” is a foster home for children created in October 2002 in Kathmandu (Nepal). This centre accommodates disadvantaged children who have had a difficult upbringing: fatherless or motherless, or children from the many families living in poverty. “Sagarmatha” provides them with a stable life and family environment, as well as with a complete school education. This centre welcomes today more than 40 children and young people. They arrive in general at around 5 or 6 years of age, and leave the centre at the school-living age. They are fed, housed, supervised and educated.

Daily life at the center focuses on two main aspects, family life and education.

Family Life:
The main objective of this home is to take care of the children’s essential needs, that is, to provide food and accommodation, as well as regular medical check-ups (many of the children suffered from various infections). It also provides a family environment — the children live with the adults that make up the team, and so Beena and Phinzo, who founded the center, are considered mother and father by the children.

The other objective of the center is to enable children to complete their studies and, in as much as possible, allow them to pursue higher-level education. In Nepal, schools go from grade 1 to 12, including two years of kindergarten for younger children. We also encourage practical training if the family cannot provide it.

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Nepal is the country with maximum nummber of illiterate people, we SASS Nepal have initialized the various kind of activities and events to ignore these kind of issues in near future. As we know children are the back-bone for the development of the country, we team SASS Nepal are always there to support our rising stars therefore childrens.
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